Shorewood Metro Market

A Mixed Use Development in the Heart of Shorewood’s Business District

Cabinets arriving at Mosaic

Nov 2016

Interior finishes are underway on the upper floors of the Mosaic, including the installation of cabinetry.  

Mosaic Update

Sep 2016

Drywall has started on the top floor and the elevators are going in!

Interiors taking shape at the Mosaic

Aug 2016

With rough framing complete, interior mechanical and insulation work has begun

Mosaic has a roof

Jul 2016

Interior work will began to ramp up now that the roof is nearly complete. Exterior siding and masonry continues.

The Mosaic has “Topped Out”

Jun 2016

The Mosaic Apartments have reached their top height. Interior mechanical rough-ins and exterior cladding have begun.